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A curated variation of classic or unconventional pieces & collector’s items

  • These mid 20th century palm wine vessels are definitely a rare collectors item.

    In the past the Royal ritual palm wine vessel or calabash (ethnic names: n’tu, m’ba, koko, nimbo or ugi fa) contained some of the royal ancestor’s skull debris. Today these Calabashes are empty and carried by the royal wives during ceremonies commemorating the King. A burlap cloth embroidered with European glass beads covers the entire object, imparting geometric polychrome designs to its neck, body and base. The stoppers, made of wood covered with beaded burlap and often in the shape of symbolic figures or animals, have the same abstract geometric motif symbolizing attributes of Royal Power.

    Rulers throughout the many Kingdoms in the Cameroon Grassland region (Bamileke –Bamum -Tikar) employed a range of Regalia to assert their political, economic and religious power. Presented publicly in lavish displays of wealth and power, many court objects were distinguished by their elaborate bead embroidery. Imported from Venice, Bohemia or Amsterdam, glass beads were considered a luxury material whose use and distribution were controlled by the King. The decoration of objects with vast quantities of brilliantly coloured beads transformed utilitarian objects into symbols of royal status and prestige.

    Examples of beaded palm wine gourds can be seen in the fowler museum (UCLA) exhibition: “Dining with Kings: Ceremony and Hospitality in the Cameroon Grassfields” that opened 12/17/2017

    In good condition and the Regalia have been kept in the original state they were found without any restorations.

    Set of 3

      H 47.25 in. x Dm 13 in.H 120 cm x Dm 33 cm
      13 in. (33 cm)


  • Grace, a limited edition, patinated bronze figure of a dancer in draping robe. Set over a granite plinth.

    Signed and numbered edition of 12

    Artist: Michael James Talbot b.1959

    Dimensions: H 65.5cm

    Materials: Original Bronze Sculpture

  • A display in any home or work space is so important and this modern meets classical art piece is definitely a head turner and conversation starter! If you’re looking for a large, unique and intriguing statement piece to take center stage, then this is the ornament for you.

    Contact our buying team for price and more background information about the piece so you are well informed to enlighten your guests.

    Limited Edition – 2/3




    The Silence is Golden art print is perfect for an office space but works really well above a bed or sofa. Designed by Bianca Hall.

    Foil-blocked, with a metallic mirror-like finish. The Silence text is slightly embossed into the paper.

    Dimensions: 96x48cms approx. 270gsm Zen paper (FSC certified)

  • Keep the magic alive with the kids with this stylish art wall hanging. Unicorns are beautiful mythical creatures that conjure up thoughts of wonderlands and fairytales. We all need a little magic in our lives and this beautiful unicorn head will add that unique style to your home.

    Please note: This piece contains sharp edges. Please take care if hanging them in children’s room.

  • Use these Feather Effect Metallic Wings as a fabulous alternative to traditional wall art. Hang them above your fireplace, bed or in a child’s room for an angelic touch.

    The Feather Effect Metallic Wings are constructed from individual metal feathers on a wire frame. Finished with a hand-painted grey wash finish, each of the metallic wings are slightly unique.

    The Feather Effect Metallic Wings measure 110cm x 40cm, each wing has a hook on the reverse for hanging.

    Please note: These wings are constructed from metal and may contain sharp edges. Please take care if hanging them in children’s room.

  • Gold Feather Wings In Frame are a style statement that we’re totally on board with. Big, bold and gold…We totally heart it!

    Statement artwork at it’s best, this winged artwork is made from real feathers and mounted on a pine background. Gracefully soaring, we think this winged frame is a great over the bed piece, or perhaps adorned in your favourite corner looming above a chaise longue.

  • SOLD

    Callisto, a limited edition figure by Michael Talbot b.1959. Raised on a circular granite plinth.

    The Royal Ballet embarked on an exciting collaboration with sculptor Michael Talbot to create a body of work that will capture and immortalise the beauty and elegance of the dancers of The Royal Ballet.
    Michael chose the name ‘Callisto’ as a tribute to the wonderfully talented Jeanetta Laurence, the Associate Director of the Royal Ballet who was awarded an OBE for services to dance.

    Signed and numbered edition of 20 with the Royal Ballet seal to plinth.
    H 94cm

  • SOLD
    An Art Deco cold painted bronze figure by Josef Lorenzl (1892-1950) showing a young woman in free flowing dance pose set on a green onyx plinth.

    Signed Lorenzl to bronze

    H 60cm

    Austrian, circa 1930

    Josef Lorenzl was an Austrian sculptor and ceramicist of the Art Deco period, Lorenzl produced many bronze and chryselephantine sculptures, the latter using both bronze and ivory, and captivated by the female form he became famed for his shapely dancing girls with long, elegant legs and closed eyes. These joint works are largely sought-after items.